FINRA Arbitration Stats Through June

FINRA just released its 2022 Arbitration Statistics.

New cases are down over last year, only 781 Customer cases, and 479 Industry cases filed so far this year.

Interesting that there were 54 Regulation BI Cases filed, we expect to see that increase going forward. Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Negligence are the largest number of customer claims.

And settlements are still the largest method of closing cases. So far in 2022 67% of the cases that are closed were settled between the parties, or by mediation. Only 14% resolved by arbitrators.

Mark J. Astarita is a national securities attorney who has represented parties in over 600 securities arbitrations in 23 states. Have a question? Give him a call at 212-509-6544, or read his commentary at The Securities Law Home Page.